Friday, November 16, 2012

Skin Deep--- A Journey to a Zit free life

 On Tuesday night I posted a status on facebook that was not positive or funny.  It was a desperate plea for help in my quest for a good product for my nasty skin.   I think it is morally wrong to post serious stuff on facebook so you can see how desperate I am. 

Turns out I am not alone in my plight and there are a lot of other women in their *ahem* thirties that suffer the same battle with acne.    I was given a ton of information and various ways to hopefully deal with the situation once and for all, because in all honesty it is affecting my very healthy dose of insecurity.    It is actually painful as well but really I just want to look good and not be embarrassed of my face all.the.time. 

I wanted to get writing again so in an effort to tackle both of these issues I am going to try out the suggestions that all my lovely facebook sisters gave me and then share my results, experiences, and recommendations here on this amaze balls blog.   

I am slowly trying to cut out dairy as my friend Talia has been telling me about for at least a year.   I do not drink huge glasses of milk so I thought this would be a easy fix.  Um yeah... not so much I eat a lot more dairy than I thought.  You are welcome Cows.    Cheese is a huge part of my life and I just love it so much so I will go slowly and wean myself one string cheese at a time. 

Coffee.  I am sorry but it just tastes so much better with flavored creamer.  My kids will tell you that I need my coffee so for the betterment of society and the physical health of my children, I will still drink it and slowly start removing the creamer from my life.   Eventually I will be drinking it black and you know what they say..... once you go without creamer you never go back.      What did you think I was going to say?  I am pretty sure you guys are A**holes.  Rude.   

Anyway, back to me.     My skin journey has begun.   So slowly cutting back on dairy.  *Talia if this does not work you are dead to me*       (I did not know I felt so strongly about this)     Trying a new birth control method.   Out with the Mirena in with the pill.  I know this is TMI, but seriously once you have a person come out of your body in a room full of strangers all modesty is pretty much shot.  Okay, let's be honest I was barely modest before the boys.     

The first product I am trying is the soap from the Oregon Soap Shoppe.    Kelly and I met in Oregon for a coffee (I had them use soy) and a trip to the store.   I really like it.  It smelled good and I was given a lot of information from the guy that worked there, I think his wife makes the soap.   Anyway, it is called Secret Weapon.   They were actually out of the soap itself, but it is made by mixing two soaps "Cleopatra's Secret"  with their "Tea Tree Soap" .  He cut those bars in half and instructed me to use those together.    I was provided with a small travel size soap of the Secret Weapon he found in the back so I am using that up first.  

He told me to rub the soap on a washcloth and then rub it on my face  and neck in small circles for a couple of minutes.  Then rinse the washcloth and do it again.  It is supposed to take approximately 8 minutes.  Then use nothing else.  I was skeptical because I dry out really easy and really need to moisturize.  So far so good though.  It feels tight but not too dry. 

One of the most important things he said to me was to NEVER touch my face.  He was dead serious when he told me to look into the mirror twice a day and say to myself, "I will not touch my face, I will not touch my face."   This is something that my husband has been telling me for years.  I am a face picker.  There, I admit it.    Sometimes I do not even know I am doing it and sometimes I could be in front of a mirror for hours and consciously go to town.    But this has to end.    I must stop the madness and stop rubbing the bacteria into my face.  That just sounds so gross. 

So that is the first thing I am trying.  I will update you on the progress and any changes I make to the routine. I am going to try a different regime until I find something that works.  If this works then....well never mind I will just post pictures of how awesome my skin looks.   

Until then keep your hands off your face and keep praying that I will write to you more often. 

Shoot I just itched my eyebrow.    DAMMM ITTT!!!    "I will not touch my face.  I will not touch my face"

Friday, September 28, 2012

Random stuff I made.....

I just wanted to put up a quick blog post to show you all that I still care so in an effort to make it quick I am going to post some of my projects that I have completed!  Get ready to be amazed.....

Mixed Media--  Canvas, Scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and some embellishments.
This hangs in Jacob's room.... Just kidding :)  

This little number is also paint, scrapbook paper, and mod podge.
The quote is by Christopher Robin of Winne the Pooh.
My mom and I always think Jacob reminds us of Christopher Robin and growing up is scary and inspiration from mom should be there even when I can't be.

My first try at mixed media.  I did this a long time ago and it hangs in my craft room.

Confession:  I have an addiction to spray paint.  This was an old book case that I had since I was in high school.  Chris wanted to throw it out and I of course "re-purposed" it and spray painted it pink and grey.  My mom recently had to tell me that I could borrow some of her outdoor decor but made me promise not to spray paint them

This was black iron....... then  I got a hold of it!!! 

Canvas, paint, and painted wooden letters..  Boys Bath Room.
I made this a long time ago for Jacob, but then I did the boy's bathroom in the Alphabet so it just happened to work for my vision.  *I just laughed at myself*  Who says, My Vision?

I painted these and ideally would have liked to hang their towels on the hooks.  Turns out they are not strong enough because I used that Velcro 3M stuff.  It is cute though!

I had 8 little chairs that were that old school uniform folding chair tan. I spray painted them all different colors and then did the back rest in chalk board paint. Very cute.

I made this guy too.....   I won't go into how he was made.....that would be TMI and gross.  However, It do not involve spray paint or mod podge. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Slumber Party Fun

My favorite people are people who do not take themselves too seriously.  Most likely because in my profession we have to be serious all.the.time and because I am a bit on the ridiculous side.     I also am a bit of a girly girl and love to dance, dress up, and do crafts.  These are some of the many things I have in common with little girls.   Four to be exact.    So in desperate need for some "girl" time, I had a slumber party with four of my favorite girls in the world.  

We tie dyed shirts.

We watched The Lorax

Scooter and Stacy stopped over with Kazmyn and I got to meet my newest niece Zadie Jo.  She made my womb wiggle.  I am in LOVE!!!

Zadie and Mommy
We tried to take a picture of all the cousins... keep in mind that before Christmas there will be three more babies!!!!  

Are we shocked that the three boys are silly?  Me either, and it cracks me up. 
Also we offered $$ to the others for staying still and the little boys do not care about money.  Yet.
We had pizza, popcorn, and candy.     Oh.... and we put on a performance.   The girls and I.   We put on a little bit of make up and I stressed that "less is more".  I said you don't want to look like a harlot  and of course they asked what is a harlot?  I said.. someone who wears too much make up.  Sometimes I forget that they are so little.   My costume was picked out by Ella and the others gave their approval.  The girls each brought their dance wear and we practiced and worked and it all came together!!!    Each girl had a chance in the spot light and the back up dancers were supposed to do what the lead performed.  It was an absolute blast.    I bet you wish you were here to watch it. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cool, Baby, Mama, Squirell !!!

I bent down to put something away in my China cabinet and as I was standing back up my eye caught a glimpse of something that made me scream, "OH MY GOD" and then start laughing hysterically.    This is what I saw. 

This caused quite the raucous and of course Jiggy came running to see what happened.    When I showed him what made me exclaim and laugh he was not amused and a little confused.  
You see I had been, "Squirrelled".    Not knowing the importance of this event, he went back to his hotwheels. 

I was so excited because I had not seen the crazy dude for a couple of years.  The Squirrel attack is best done by surprise and when you are least expecting it so the attackers were biding their time and patiently waiting to strike!      Not sure what the heck I am talking about????  

Well let me start from the beginning.................................

When Chris and I bought our first house in Rockford, aka the bain of our existence, my Dad and Sue would come up and work on it and stay there overnight etc.  They called it camping at Katy's.  The previous owners left behind this ugly beaten up squirrel.   It became a game to move the squirrel all around the house and surprise each other with where it would end up.    The game evolved and for the last 8 years,  the four of us would randomly leave the squirrel at each other's house.   

Poor Dude has no nose.
Once I put it under my Dad's pillow and then in his glove box.   I found him in our cabinets and other random spots and once I think they mailed him to us.  He has traveled back and forth to Rockford, Dixon, Kansas City, and Byron.  

It had been so long since I last saw the squirrel that I had forgotten who had it and wondered if I lost it in one of our many moves.   I should have know that they had it all along, patiently waiting to Squirrel us when we least expected it! 

What I love about this game is that it is unspoken, organic, and not planned.  It just sort of happened and grew.   I also love it because it is something that is just ours, just between the four of us.   A small little way to say, I love you, I am thinking of you, and by the way........ "You just got SQUIRRELED"

On a side note----- when I was in my early 20's, I used to say " Cool, Baby, Mama, Squirrel! "  I was friends with a guy named Ryan and to this day when I randomly see him out and about we will say it to each other and laugh.    Why?  I honestly have no idea why or how we started saying it.  Like I said, early twenties.

Did you miss me?

Remember when you were little and the things your parents said seemed so weird and annoying?  You told yourself that you would NEVER. EVER. say that to you kid.      I know I did that a lot.  Of course now that I am a mother of a two year old boy and a 7 year old boy..... well lets just say not only do I say it.... but I mean it too.    One thing I have heard myself say is that I am about to go over the edge.   The edge of what?  who the heck knows but both my mom and I seem to spend a lot of time right there on the EDGE.      I must confess, I may have actually been over there the edge and it is not pretty.    Little people do that to you right?  Can I get an Ah men?  No seriously I need to know that I am not the only one that loses her temper and then feels like the worst mom in history for not using her patience and quiet voice to calmly explain why we cannot keep the patio door open when it is 108 degrees out.  

 But anyway we have covered all that before we all know I have a lot of heart in the game, but still need practice.  

It has been awhile since I have written on the blog.  I am sorry my six loyal followers please forgive me.  The fact that my last blog post was Jacob's last day of school for the summer is not lost on me, I see the connection.    In an effort to catch you all up here is a long, awesome, rundown of what you have missed.

Chris and I ran our first half-marathon.  The run was interesting.  We arrived too late to warm up and I had to use the bathroom.  The line was so long the race started while I was in line.  I decided to "screw it", although I am sure I said something else more egregious in my head, and took off for the race.  There were bathrooms along the route and I stopped off at the first one I saw.  Chris and I were separated and he was way ahead of me until about mile 10 where I caught up to him.   I lost him for awhile because he had to go find a bathroom too.  That is where the wall hit.  It was fun up until mile 10.   The last three miles I struggled but made it to the finish without walking and within 2:14.  It was a cool achievement.    We ran a couple more 5K's this summer and plan to focus on those for awhile. 

After the marathon

The summer was fast and furiously hot, but we managed to have fun.  I am experiencing writers block so I will just go down a quick run through via pictures.

 and I decorated Grady's door
Grady's Birthday
He cried because of the singing and the candle.
or as I like to call this picture
"Before Cake"

"After Cake"

 Ghetto Water Slide on a random hot day.
Stop judging you know you are jealous.

 Are you thinking that this highlight reel is boring?  Me too.   I have a couple of posts up my sleeve that will be much better.  Promises.  I needed to break back into writing so consider this post just a little practice of what is yet to come. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Schools out for summer!!!

As of 1:00 today I will have a first grader.  I kinda feel like crying and puking all at the same time.  This year has been really fun and Mr. Jiggs has grown so much.  I cannot believe how much they teach these children at such a young age.  If you put a Kindergarten me against a Kindergarten Jacob, I am certain he would be much more advanced.  He can pretty much read, do basic math, and work a computer.  They seriously teach them word processing! 

First Day of Kindergarten

We moved to Byron because of the school and the sweet neighborhoods with affordable homes. We are not disappointed.    I have been blown away by the amazing staff associated with Byron.  From the all school art show to the kindergarten end of the year musical celebration....  I have been blown away.  

Art Fair

Even the bus company is amazing and truly care about each child.   When I work at home I put the garage door up so when Jacob is dropped off by the bus after school he can just walk in when he gets here.  Well I happened to be on a call for work and did not notice the time so I forgot to put to door up.  He walked around back and came in through the deck.  About 10 minutes later the phone rings and it was the bus company making sure I was home because it made the driver nervous that the garage door was not open.   They wanted to double check that my child was safe.  Money cannot buy that kind of care.  That is just true humanity keeping track of the future. 

I love living here and cannot wait to get settled into our forever home.  We have had a lot of house drama the past couple of months which have aged both Chris and I like three years.  I won't bore you all with the details because seriously I am so over talking and thinking about it.   One thing we agree on is that we are not leaving Byron.  It is worth me commuting to have our children live in this community.  It is worth it because on any random week night I can find myself judging races in my front yard or handing out 15 freeze pops to all the kids.    I can be certain that when I hear a knock at the door it is most likely going to be Owen or Carson asking Jake to play.  I can also be certain that they will be back and forth between our houses at least 10 times and switch who is riding whose bike at least that many times.    I love that Jacob's baseball team is coached by our friends and that the games are fun because I get to watch my child and the children of my friends all while catching up.  In between cheering each other's child on we can giggle and plan our next fun party or just relax knowing we all have each other's back.

This is going to be a fun summer.  I am looking forward to impromptu cookouts and swim parties.  Catching fireflies and two birthday parties for my boys.  Going on the boat with my family.  Seeing Mumford and Sons in my hometown and going to fun concerts.   Bring. It. On.    Mama needs to practice what she preaches...  sit back, relax and let the pretty world happen because schools out for summer!!!! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Pity Party has been canceled.

I have not written a post in quite awhile, the blog says since April 25th.  I have in my head written several and then started one in draft form and never published it.   The overriding theme of the posts that I wrote in my head were basically a list of things that keep me sane and things that happen to cheer me up.   I only wanted to write about positive things in life.  All the shiny, glittery, wonderful things that make me happy and make my world a better place. 

The problem is and was that as I was formulating the list, God had other plans.  Several of the things on my list were lost, plans changed, good byes were said.  Specifically, we lost our gorgeous Lab Payton, are having issues with both of the houses, got some sad news, I did not win a trial, and then just other random pains of everyday life were keeping me from having my perfectly planned life.  I have annoyed myself just by writing it.  Who did I think I was? 

  Today it occurred to me that the only constant for sure not going anywhere thing on my list of things that help me stay sane, is God.  As I walked Grady to the sitters today, the sun was beaming down on us in such a way that the perfect warmth from it felt like a hug from God.  He knows when you need a hug.  It also occurred to me that if my intention is to blog only when life is perfect and I get everything I want when I want it, and only write when things happen as I planned it to happen, I will not have very many posts. 

Life is messy, dirty, gritty, and beautiful all at the same time.  For me to only focus on the pretty is a bit naive, although I firmly believe that you cannot have positive life without a positive mind.   As I was watching my list get smaller it was hard for me to keep a positive mind.    I am lucky that the remaining people and things on the list are still there to keep me smiling and my pony tail bouncing.  

My friend Kelly, you know her already,  and I were having lunch recently.  She had a major foot surgery and some complications, that coupled with some other personal stuff,  had her in a bit of a funk.  I was in my funk and we were having a friend therapy session.  As Kelly and I were chatting and solving the world's problems she said something that really resonated in me.  She said she realized when she was having a dark moment that what brought her out of it was telling herself that it is fine to have a pity party, but you do not have to attend the party everyday.   I love that!   

For now my pity party is over and I will not be the guest of honor anymore. Not this weekend anyway, I am all booked.

This weekend it going to be busy and fun.  I will experience a lot of things for the first time.  Tonight is my first murder mystery party.   As an "out of work" actress  I am super excited to be apart of this with some fun ladies.  On Saturday, the boys have pictures in Dixon, where the proceeds are donated to help bring a little girl to her new adoptive family. Amazing.   Then I am going to Chicago to see my god daughter's dance recital.   Sunday is the big day.   13.2 miles.   This is a big first.  My trainer says I am ready.  I have a play list set and most importantly my outfit is picked out.   

Love to you all!!  Peace.

One of the things that really helped me was creating a slide show remembering Payton.  It was my form of art therapy.    Inspired by my sister in law who is an art therapist.  I can see now how powerful it must be for people who need it in far more extreme circumstances. 

Here is the link on youtube...  some people cannot work it sorry.

Payton's Life

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

All my dreams came true and it is exhausting.   Our little life we have built has been more stressful than usual the past couple of weeks/months.  I feel like I have several full time jobs.   The blog has been neglected a bit because between taxes, trying to buy our house, cleaning the house, my actual job, the boys, Easter, various birthdays, training for the half marathon and then trying to shower at some point something had to give a little bit.  Oh and apparently the family insists on being fed EVERYDAY and they want clean clothes.  Demanding little guys.       I am not complaining each one of these tasks I volunteered for and happily (most of the time) do... OK I am not a fan of doing our taxes.  I do not mind paying taxes just hate figuring it all out. 

    I learned something from this salad.  If you try to carry too much at once you will get cheese and lettuce on your phone.    Ohh  wait....  What I meant is that if you carry too much, something is going to get dropped.   In my case,  this salad and most of my housework.    

In between the busy.   We have managed to find the fun and pretty do not worry.   Here is some of the fun stuff you missed.....................

Guess who still gets and Easter basket from their Mom?  Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. 

I wouldlike  to introduce you to my "Happy Bird".  I bought her at lunch one day when I was having a particularly hard day that resulted in a couple of tears in my office.   I saw her,  loved her instantly, and decided my office needed her.   My interns named her Tiffany because she just so happens to be "Tiffany Blue".  I knew there was a reason she spoke to me.  

On one random Saturday,  the parents came and retrieved Jacob and we had a little time during the day with nothing planned.   I had some errands to run so we took Grady Baby on a little date.  This is him at Mashup Resturauant  in Rockford.  We went shopping, had lunch, dropped stuff at Goodwill and walked through a learning store.  It was sweet to have a little alone time with the Boozey Babers.

 He had a lot of fun running from us at the various stores. 

This picture makes be laugh !!!  We start our readers young in this house.  He looks like he is annoyed that I am disrupting his Go Dog Go story.  He most likely is.  

We made Smores with left over Easter Candy.  Peeps, Cadbury mini eggs, and a Hershey Kiss.  What the What!!  Delicious.

Nothing is better than getting a flower presented to you from your oldest son.  Even if he picked it from our yard :)))    

I am not fan of video games... but this is just too cute!  My boys playing Hockey together.

Ninja Sponge Bob WII ... Life is never dull.  Although I am frequently told how bored he is all. the. time.

So handsome.  Just before the egg hunt in his PJs.

This post is pretty random but so is my head.   Whenever I feel the pressure and the stress...  I have a little nudge from God reminding me to get some prespective.  My nudges come from getting wonderful news from my friends, a tulip from my child, a hug from my husband or sometimes even watching a super sad show on TV (Private Practice), to make me so grateful.   

He said Good Morning the other day with this.....  My van guys called it a SunBow because it looked like a rainbow but just with sunshine. 

Even when it is cloudy there is always sunshine peaking through.  You just have to look for it!

Friday, April 13, 2012

On my soap box: Work at home moms vs. Work outside the home moms. Stop the Judging.

I was taught never to discuss politics, money or religion with people.  That these are private matters that should not be discussed.  One main reason I see this as good advice is that not only do people have varying beliefs but they almost always feel very strongly about their belief.    These are the things that start wars.  Mostly in the name of religion but everyone knows that both money and politics are closely related.  The fighting starts when others try to change the mind or force their beliefs regarding whatever topic onto whom they are discussing it with.  Guess what?  It does not change people's minds.  It starts a fight and firmly plants the seeds of discord further into each person.    The negativity is overwhelming at times.

Who started the war between moms that work at home with their children and moms that go to work outside the home?  This debate has been going on since women started the fight for equality and continues today.   Yesterday the big news story was regarding comments back and forth pitting mothers that stay at home with their children versus mom's that work outside the home.  I won't get into the specifics because it is not really worth the time it is more contextual to what made me once again start thinking about this ever present issue with moms.    

 Guess what?  ALL mothers work hard and pitting us against each other continues to marginalize women.   Being a stay-at- home mom is a choice that some make or it could be that they really do not have a choice.  Same with moms that work outside the home.  Maybe the mom has to work to feed her children or maybe the mom likes having a career and being a mother too.    The point is we do not know the situation so let us not judge anyone.  We need to have each other's backs ladies, respect each other, love each other and most importantly teach the parents of the future to do the same. 

I personally, as you all know, am a mother who has a career outside the home.  I love my job.  I love being a mother.  I love helping keep the airways safe.  I love having breakfast with my children.    Did I make a choice?  Honestly, when I take a long look at my life.. I always imagined having children and at the same time I always imagined being a working mother.   Would I stay home if I could?  Maybe, I do not know.  I try not to think about it much.     Mom guilt is pretty powerful on just about every other issue we face so adding to the list is just not appealing.   

I found these lists on the Internet of things not to say to mothers...working at home or working outside the home.....  we need to start with each other if we want to change the future. 


1. It must be hard missing all those special moments every day.

2. I suppose it's smart that you're working. You know, in case your husband leaves you some day.

3. I'm surprised you went back to work. Your husband seems so successful.

4. It's cute when they call your nanny "Mama."

Also see:

5. I just love my kids too much to leave them during the day.

6. Did you see Dateline ? The one with the hidden camera in the day care?

7. I could never let someone else raise my children. But that's just me!

8. I hated my mom because she was never home after school like everyone else's mom.

9. You must feel so guilty.

10. I wish I were as laid-back as you and could just let the housework go.

—Liz Gumbinner of, with help from her blog readers

Top 10 Things never to stay to a work at home mom.

1. When the kids are older, do you think you'll get a real job?

2. How June Cleaver of you!

3. Oh, so you don't work?

4. Since you have extra time on your hands, could you whip up a few dozen brownies for the bake sale tomorrow?

5. All day with your kids? I can't even imagine.

6. I'm jealous. I wish my husband were rich so I wouldn't have to work either.
Also see:

7. What do you do all day, anyway?

8. I'm sure you're not the only one who's ever wasted money on a college degree.

9. That explains why your son is so clingy!

10. Weird. I assumed your house would be super clean.

—Candy Kirby of, with help from her Twitter followers and friends

All of those comments about send me in a rage.  People are so mean to each other sometimes.  Sadly,  I have heard most of the working mom comments.   It hurts my feelings a little and then I let it go, because usually it is not meant to be mean.  Moms out there let us all just stop all the snarky comments and judgments.   Being a parent... Mom or Dad is crazy hard and amazing, support each other and this world can only change for the better.    Just in case you are wondering .... the studies pretty much show that we can mess up our kids whether we work at home or outside the home. 

 Just love the crap out of your kids, teach them right from wrong, and pray A LOT!!! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweethaven Summer- Inspiration in a Book

I am a person who looks for the beauty and magic in everyday life.  Sometimes it just happens out of the blue and sometimes I have to search.    I did not have to search very hard for beauty and magic when I read A Sweethaven Summer by Courtney Walsh.    I love to read and have since I was a little girl.  Reading a book that combined several of my personal passions was so fun and exciting that I read the book in less than a day.   This was at the detriment of everything else I had to do at the time but it was worth it.   The book incorporates scrapbooking, faith, photography, friendships, and many other inspirational themes.  All of that plus a little bit of mystery and suspense into who is the main character's father.  Needless to say,  I adored the book.    It is available here at AmazonA Sweethaven Summer

The book and Courtney's blog Telling Stories  inspired me to examine why I scrapbook.  I created this layout to better tell my story.     The journaling reads:

Moments fade and new ones are created almost instantly.   I scrapbook to capture the important, crazy, silly, lovely, romantic, meaningful, traditional, life changing, everyday, funny, sweet, beautiful moments. 

My hope is to have my children look at their books whenever they need a reminder of who they are, where they came from, and how much they are loved and adored. 

I enjoy the feeling of sticky fingers, textured paper, and cut photos.   I love the look of the gorgeous patterned paper, embellishments, ribbon, buttons, and bling.  

 The pages of the scrapbook show that the moment was important enough to be captured and that a piece of art was created solely for the purpose of celebrating that moment.    

Blooper Reel--Do you see what is wrong.? 
Hint:  The A is Capture is backwards. 
Chris of course caught this and made fun of me:)

Friendship is a very huge theme in the book.   I have already expressed how important my friends are to me in a previous blog.   This past week I talked to one of my "forever friends"... since third grade anyway.  She helped me put some stuff in perspective and as usual we picked up where we left off like we always do.   Thanks, Brooke Derry.  Here is a page I created about us.  The bottom says, " Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life"  Proverbs. 

Love--  I would not like a novel if love was not a significant theme.    Here are couple of layouts I created inspired by my true love. 

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  We were taking pictures of the layouts because we do not have a 12x12 scanner.  I think I need a tutorial on how other people get their work online.  The pages are so much cuter in person. 

I hope you all read A Sweethaven Summer, even if you are not a scrapbooker, it truly is an amazing, sweet, fun read.