Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My 30 day challenge to stop doing 30 day challenges.

What's the deal with all the challenges going around?  There are hundreds of 30 day challenges, anything from working out, eating right, not spending money, cleaning, writing, drawing, and on and on.

I am anything but original and I pretty much do whatever is popular, so obviously, I have tried many of these challenges.    My new challenge is to go 30 days without starting a new challenge.  Shoot I already ruined it!

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I have issues with commitment, self-discipline, and pretty much need a therapist, as evidenced below I would most likely only go twice so here is why I have to stop challenging myself to challenges.

This challenge I was very excited for and was very committed, until I wasn't.....the 7 day clean eating challenge,  here is how my challenge went.

Day 1: Wake up. Have pot of coffee with creamer, "accidentally" eat crescent wrapped mini-wiener from the night before.  Print out shopping list.  Go shopping... Buy all the things.  Eat Twix bar because day is already ruined.  Will start tomorrow for sure.

Day 2: Wake up. Look at the menu.  I am supposed to drink warm water with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and eat Ezekiel bread.  Could not find these two items at the store.  Who the heck is Ezekiel and what is so great about his bread?    Decide if I can't do it right what is the point.  I will start tomorrow.

Day 3:  Too busy to find random weird products.  I can't start a challenge on a Wednesday anyway, that is just wrong.   Clearly week is ruined.  I will start next Monday.

Day 4-6:  Where the hell can I buy this precious Pink Salt??????  Starting to hate pink salt yet slightly obsessed with purchasing it. 

Day 7: Find pink salt and I am mad because it is expensive.  Buy it because the research I did said it helps with your "digestive" system, aka it makes you poop.

Day 8:  Must have this truly earth shattering salt in my water today.  Make big production making the drink.  Take drink.  Swallow. Want to die.  So gross.  Not worth it.  Pour out the rest.    I hate clean eating.  


Sign up for 30 day Plank challenge on Day 30.  Whoops, I am out. Must read entire Facebook post before deciding on a challenge.

Lucky me the next challenge is a a 30 day Burpee challenge.  You have to do 30 burpees a day for 30 days.

Day 1:  Get my work out clothes on and get ready... I am going to own this challenge.  I am going to make this challenge my Bi$%H.     Do 5 burpess...... want to stop... keep going.  two more.... Ok, 7 burpees it is for now.    Technically, the rules said nothing about having to do them all at one.  I will space them throughout the day.    Watch for kids to get off the bus, do 5 burpees in garage, neighbors think I am insane.    Husband gets home.  Challenge him to my challenge.  I show him I can do them and finish up my 30.   He says he could do 30 all at once.  I said no way.  We make a bet, I am sure to win.  Damn it, he does them.  Note to self: Never underestimate a man when action is on the line.  Note to self part 2 : Stop betting action as a prize to your husband.

Day 2: Do 7 burpees in my office.  I decide to do the rest when I go running at lunch.   Shoot, can't work out at lunch.  I will do them tonight.  Get home too tired to move. 

Day 3: Screw it. Why do I keep torturing myself?  I read something that said I am beautiful the way I am, I vow never to work out again.

Pinterest instead of running in the cold morning... Yes Please!!!

A 30 day challenge to De-clutter your house!!!  Whooooo HOOO   sign me up.

My house will be so organized.  I am going to be a Domestic Diva.  My life is going to be so organized.  Life will be perfect!  

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Right after I finish this coffee and pinning this outfit. 

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