Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink!!! Cindy's Baby Shower

Pinterest paid off!!  The girls and I threw Cindy the cutest baby shower with lots of ideas that I learned about on Pinterest. It was fun to plan, craft, and create.  Here are the invitations that I handmade.  Each and everyone.  My mom actually helped with some of them, but one of them was so ugly I sent it to her because I was too embarrassed to send to anyone else.  All the invites were different but here is an idea.

The decorations were just so cute!!!  The activities included making Baby Paul a headband and a super cute mad lib poem.   The food was over the top amazing and I personally went way over my weight watchers points. Like.... enough to feed 3 of me points.  I was binging on food and pink, I am pretty sure I could not have had a better day.    Here are some of the pictures.


Wendy made all the flowers and bows in the basket.  There were different sizes and designs of elastic.  Each person could pick a flower or bow and design a headband for baby girl.  There were little tags we could attach to the headband so Cindy and Baby would know who made each headband.  It was so fun and cute!  I did not come up with this idea.  I saw it on Pinterest and pinned it to my Baby shower board.  In the interest of giving credit, where credit is due ..... here is the link. Inspiration from this shower.

This tulle pom pom was made by Wendy Kretsinger and I think she convinced her husband to help out too.  You can find directions anywhere online.

I made this little nugget.  It says Please Donate to Princess Paul's College Fund and there is the little piggy bank.

I decorated the white pail.  I used my Cricut to cute out the Thank You on vinyl and then I used my sticker maker on the ribbon for the inside.  I tied some ribbon to the handles and it was finished.  I put some pink tissue paper in the pail and the thank you notes.  In the frame next to it there is a little saying about helping out the parents to be by self- addressing the envelopes for the thank you notes. 

The center pieces were mason jars filled with fresh flowers.   We tied ribbon around them and put a piece of scrapbook paper underneath.  Flowers and mason jars were supplied by mom.

 The favors were supplied by Katie Spirtosanto and her daughter Tess.  The pink glasses with tulle wrapped candy on some super cute napkins. 

Kelly decorated Cindy's chair, with the hot pink tulle I scored at Hobby Lobby and some of the tulle pom poms the Kretsingers made!!

Josie brought this banner. We all signed it and they can use it when they bring the baby home.

 Some of the finished headbands.

Josie made two diaper cakes.  One is a bassinet

Cindy opening gifts.

 Josie and Tess.
 Me with a weird pose.
 Tess, Katie and Josie


The group... minus a couple who were cut out.

I fell in love with some marshmallows pops I found on Pinterest.  I took the idea and then went out on my own with it to make it more of a Katy creation.    I think they turned out great and very delicious.

Finished product. 
Strawberry Marshmallows
White Chocolate morsels
Mini-semi sweet morsels

 Cut a hole in the marshmallows and insert the cookie straw.
 Freeze for five minutes to set them together.

 I crushed up gram cracker, mini morsels and thin mints for topping. 

  After they are set, melt the white chocolate for 30 seconds, stir, 30 more seconds.  Depending on how much you put in the microwave do this until melted.
Dip the marshmallow pops in the white chocolate and quickly roll into whatever topping you want. 

With the left over white chocolate I made these pretzel rods with hot pink glitter. Super easy, cute and most importantly delicious.

 I had such a good time making all these fun and glittery projects for the shower.  The best part was doing it for someone I love and adore.  

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