Friday, February 24, 2012

Freaky Friday: Recapp of the awesomeness of this week.

Is awesomeness a word?? If not it totally should be... starting now.  On Fridays I am planning on tell my readers, ie Kelly Shroyer,  what I discovered this week that brought me joy, glitter, side splitting laughter, a fully belly or just something new to me. 

Topping the list is an article/essay that I read in Ladies Home Journal on my way home from work.  As a bit of back story, I work an hour and a half away from where I live and ride in van with 6 other people that work in the same building.  Also the people I ride with  are 6 men ranging from 77-60 years old and one woman in her 50's.  I learn a lot in these car rides, stuff I never wanted to know about...mostly trains and politics, but that is an entirely different post.

I was reading the magazine when I found the essay titled, "Nothing Says Love Like a Big Metal Chicken" by Jenny Lawson.   The title had me already because I am a fan of the quirky and silly things in life and a big metal chicken is by definition both.   As I was reading the essay I was laughing so hard, but trying unsuccessfully to not make any sound.  The result was me in the back of van in the middle of snow storm with tears running down my face.  That of course made me start giggling more.  The more I read the harder it got for me to not laugh out loud.  It basically sounded like I was a crying baby seal duck.   Vince, the 77 year old, looked over his shoulder at me curiously and I just pretended to be asleep.  It is a long car ride, I find ways to entertain myself.  Making old men think they are crazy entertains me. 

 Without further ado the essay can actually be found at the author's blog!!!  Which of course I will be following immediately. The Blog is called The Bloggess.  Here is the  Link . To entice you further the chicken was named Beyonce.   LHJ  edited the Blog version down a little and subtracted the curse words, but it was still hilarious.  Who does not love a big  metal chicken?

Number Two is this Dude.....

  I did not really not know who Justin Theroux was besides the fact he is Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend and most likely is famous for something.  He made me smile this week when he was on the Ellen show.  Ellen and Jennifer teamed up on him and made him do a surprise breakdance.  He is 40 years old people!  It was funny and sweet and I loved the fact that he did it on the show.  To top it off, he was pretty good.  You can watch that here... Justin Breaking It... down  I liked it because it was him being silly and not taking himself serioulsy.   How boring are people that cannot have fun?   I personally try not to take very much seriously because life is just more fun.  This dude made me smile and for that he gets number 2 for this week.

Food is huge in our house.  I have an obsession with knowing what is for dinner, it can be quite annoying to some people I live with, ok it mostly just annoys my husband.   My wheel house in the kitchen in pretty small and I was told I need to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  Most men want more adventure in the bedroom.  Nope not my man, he wants it in the kitchen.    To add to the pressure, it needs to be healthy as we both watch what we eat using Weight Watchers.  I found an amazing shrimp taco recipe on, courtesy of my favorite website, Pinterest.   I will make it again but will not have so much Cayenne Pepper because it was a little hot for me.  Not so hot that I could not eat it, but hot enough to need a glass of milk.  Check out this Yummy and easy recipe. Shrimp Tacos 


There have been lots of other wondrous things that have made me happy this week and here is a short list.
1.  Texting with my friends.
2.   Losing a couple of pounds.
3.   Finding lots of cute stuff for 75% off at my local drug store.
4.   Getting a book in the mail that I am going to read and do my first review right here on this blog. 
5.   Treating myself to a sugar free hazelnut latte.

and as always....these people brought me lots of smiles, laughs, and joy. 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Love that you are doing this! Also the fact that I am now your stalker on your blog!!


  2. Hey Kate, I love your blog! You are truly an inspiration to us all, we must remember to make the most out of life and enjoy each and every waking moment! -Tali