Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Date!!!

There are just loads of books, articles, advice columns and blogs about how to keep a marriage fresh and fun.  I love to read and I certainly love my husband.  I think it is important to have a loving marriage not just for our happiness as a couple, but also to teach my sons, by example, how to be in a strong relationship. 

One of the main pieces of advice that is consistent is to make time for each other to spend together as a couple with out the kids.  Well you don't have to ask me twice.  We would love to do that, but who has the time?  Between our activities as a family, the kids activities, and our own separate activities there just is not a lot of  that very special commodity.    We took matters into our hands and both took the day off work, planned well in advance of course, to have a day for ourselves. 

Our first activity was a drop off to Goodwill.  We know how to party!   We then had a challenge that consisted of each of us having $5 to spend and whoever found the most interesting stuff wins,    Chris won.  He picked up two fun glasses to drink out of, salt and pepper shakers, and a Snapple.   I was super boring with tissue paper, a shamrock, and a microwave dish.    He was a trooper and ran me all over so I could shop for the baby shower this weekend.  Then lunch and a movie. 

We had a nice fun day together being together and it included both our passions.....mine = shopping and his = movies.   The movie we saw today was Act of Valor.   It was very good and made me both anxious and emotional.  It also made me so very proud of the United States and the military.  

The hubby and I had a lovely day together it was nice to be able to actually finish a conversation we started and to enjoy each other's company.   I especially enjoyed have a chauffeur and shopping helper, but remembered why I quit having him actually shop in the store. 

I loved our little day date and the best part was that it was his idea.  Sorry ladies....  he is taken.

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  1. I just thought I would let you know, I spent a few minutes this morning just enjoying your blog. It is uplifting, fun, encouraging and interesting all at the same time! Thanks for sharing. How fun to have a day date with your husband. Sounds like a great idea. My 6 year old's favorite president is George Washington too, and my 4 yr old thinks HE (George) IS the president! LOL (I am also reviewing the book Sharon hooked us up with - that's how I found you)