Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beautycounter: Daring to branch out... Why I chose to become involved.

 An overriding theme I have discovered when I tell people that I have started a new business as a Consultant, now Senior Consultant, for Beautycounter is wonder.   Most everyone wants to know why… Aren’t you an attorney?  Don’t you have enough on your plate?     No, seriously you are a Federal Attorney and now sell beauty products too?  Hmmphhhh 
The answer is unapologetically, absolutely.   Now let me tell you why.  

First and foremost, I adore my job at the FAA.  My work is important, interesting, and fulfilling.  My co-workers are like my family and I am on an upward track and plan to keep it that way.  Notice I did not say glamorous… keeping the airways safe is important and interesting, but definitely not glamorous.  

In my quest to make the world more beautiful and safe, I fell into Beautycounter. I have always loved products.  My purse is heavy with lips glosses, lip sticks, etc.  I have various lotions going at all times.  When I was in high school, I used to mix nail polishes together for a new shade.  I love all things girly and being the mother of two boys has limited my ability to indulge in all things pretty.  It is fun to use new products that work and share with friends.  I do it naturally anyway, when I am talking to my loves about the new face wash I just adore or sharing a super fun lip gloss. 

 I first heard about the company when my friend Laura started selling it and I saw her posting about it on Facebook.  Laura, is my husband’s best friend’s wife (also my close friend), and they live in Fishers, IN.   I have known her for over 15 years and we have even vacationed together.  The fact that Laura was selling this product gave it instant credibility.   Laura is not just a wife and mother, she was a founding member of a medical testing lab that ended up being so successful she was able to sell the business and retire.  She is in her early 30’s.   I respect and trust her business sense plus she did all the necessary research.  

The decision to become a Consultant was one that my husband encouraged, in fact it was his idea.  He has crazy mad respect for Laura and he happened to be at their house when she came back from a social.  She told him all about it and he came home and told me that he thought I would be really good at it and to look into the company. After hours on the phone, online research, and an opportunity call with some of the leaders of the company, I decided that I wanted to lean in and give it my all.  It helped that the articulate and passionate women who was speaking was also an attorney with little kids.

There are two components of this venture that I really found worthwhile.  The products themselves coupled with the mission of Beautycounter, the second component was the business opportunity for myself and family. 

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We are actively trying to change the laws regulating the ingredients put into personal care products.  The United States currently bans 11 ingredients.  While other countries have almost 1400 ingredients on their banned list.  The laws in the US have not been changed since 1938 and the companies are changing the ingredients in their products without having to inform the consumers that are purchasing and slathering the products all over their skin.   The more I learned about the company the more I wanted to help.  People should not have to compromise their health to get results from a product.

 I also loved the fact that Beautycounter is a B-Corporation.  Which means that the mission of Beautycounter is more than just profit.  A B-Corporation or “benefit corporation” is a type of for-profit corporate entity, legislated in 28 U.S. states, that includes positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals.  Among the factors that classify Beautycounter as a B-corporation one thing that struck me was that when any person signs on as a consultant or a member, you donate $10 to one of the partnered charities.    

The products are designed in a way that is completely transparent.  They are carefully developed to be both safe and effective.  The packaging is simple, sophisticated and elegant.     I have loved every product I have used.  The spa like quality of each product makes me feel like I am really pampering myself in my daily routine.   After coming out of a long bath “testing all the products” I proudly informed my husband that I just got done “working” so he needed to get the kids to bed.

The business side is also what ultimately led me to sign on and it did play an important part into my decision making process.   I researched the market in my area.   In my immediate area, Beautycounter was an untapped market.  While the market is not saturated with a large group of people all selling the same product, the challenge is to spread the word.  I love a challenge.    I know that with my work ethic and a great team, we can really help get these safe products into the hands of more people.     

 That being said I am focused on growing my team and offering this opportunity to equally determined, passionate women who want to contribute more to their family’s bottom line and help people at the same time.  Win/Win.   I looked at how much people in the company were making and liked what I saw.  The founding members were averaging staggering amounts monthly, but even the newer consultants were able to make a profit in their business within a short amount of time.   Most new businesses take months to years before making back the investment, let alone start profiting.  
On a personal level, I have financial goals that I would like to accomplish and this gives me the opportunity to maybe surpass those goals.  For example, paying off all our credit cards, student loans, helping my kids with college.  Have I mentioned braces are coming up?  My son plays hockey, one of the most expensive sports.   Also a trip to Disney World, when I looked up the prices I about passed out.   What could you do with an extra $500 a month, an extra $1000?  

I made the decision along with my husband, as I would require his support, to go for it.   In listening to other people in the company I have found that the most successful people are the busiest people.  The women who are rising to the top are the Consultants who have successful careers, who are work at home moms with 5 kids, doctors, lawyers, and teachers, nurses.. basically everyone who works at it and does not let fear get in the way.   There is no definition for who or what makes someone successful and I love that anyone with a powerful drive and a strong work ethic can succeed in this type of business.    It is not easy but it is fun. 

Fear held me back at first. When selling a product you put yourself in a vulnerable space. My least favorite place to be, no likes to feel vulnerable.  But putting yourself out there is how leaders and successful people are built.  Fear is powerful and has had me questioning lots of areas of my life.  I fear rejection, being embarrassed, failure, etc.    I just decided that it was my duty to push it aside and do it anyway.   

To answer the question of Why?    My short answer is………. Dream Big, I always have, why stop now?

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