Friday, January 31, 2014

My Addiction: The first step is Admitting there is a problem.

I just realized that today is the last day of the first month of the year.   I still do not know how to knit, although I have purchased yarn and a kit to teach myself.   The entire purchase is still in the bag that it came home in and sitting in my craft room.    

Yes, but I bet you think I can play a mean song on the ukulele right??

  Nope.  Can't do it.  Still is cute though.

  I have been choosing joy more …….     

The problem is where I find my joy. 

Joy is found on my couch binge watching television shows on Netflix. 

I blame Netflix, for my house being a mess, my random hobbies not being pursued, and frankly for my ghetto bumper not getting worked out.  
I literally cannot turn on the TV because if I say “just one Katy”, it will absolutely turn into a marathon.   Just one Dexter turns into me curled up on the couch or bed wrapped up like a Katy Blanket Burrito with crazy, oily yet frizzy hair, blood shot glazed over eyes, with a thirst for Diet Pepsi and blood.      

After a marathon of Downton Abbey my appearance is much the same however I want a cup of tea and speak with a British accent.    Ello Govna!!       

Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights, Orange is the New Black, Newsroom, Girls, VEEP…… the last couple are on HBO GO but I think you can see the extent of my problem.   (The fact that I have more than a couple of ways to feed my habit is alarming in itself.)

They say an addict has to hit rock bottom before they can truly change, often a person has to hit rock bottom more than once to really make a lasting change.  

Scandal might have been when I hit my rock bottom.    OH…. Olivia and your Gladiators really did a number on me.  A Facebook friend and, former real life see in person friend, often commented on the show so I went to my dealer, Netflix, and got my free little taste.  One episode and I was hooked.    I watched it and watched it…. And watched it some more.  When the boys were taking a bath I would even watch it on my Ipad with headphones.   The rock bottom came, as it usually does, when I ran out of episodes.   I knew there were more available from my frantic internet stalking of the show.   But how do I get them?  What video streaming device is going to make them mine?  Whose stuff do I need to sell in this house to get my hands on this TV show??!!!  

Okay you guys, here is where I hit rock bottom.  I could only get the last most recent episodes on demand through Direct TV.  But obviously I could not watch those without watching the first five of season 3.    During my research, which is what happens when a nerd gets addicted to something, I learned that on Amazon Prime instant video you could buy individual episodes of Scandal season 3.  Glory, Glory Hallelujah!!!!   I think we all know what happens next, no need to go into the gruesome details.  

In an effort to be completely transparent in my shameful confession, it is necessary to share with you all that the reason I have Amazon Prime in the first place was to watch Season 3 of Downton Abbey.   

 It all goes back to Britain doesn’t it?  Full circle my friends, full circle. 

Peace… off to watch Dexter.  

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