Thursday, January 2, 2014

So that just happened......

So the last blog post I made was literally exactly one year ago today.  Excuse me...... a year went by? Really.  I have no excuse for not writing the blog.  Although if pressured I could come up with the old standbys.  1.Children 2. Work 3. Laundry etc.     Those are terrible excuses though because I just stopped to change the laundry and to talk to my kid.  Look at me all multi-tasking and stuff.

 Ps.  I am out of dryer sheets.  If I fall into a deep depression and do not write for another year, you now know the reason. 

Let's kick off the year with a little recap since you poor souls missed out on an entire year of my life.  Due to the fact that most of the readers of this blog pretty much talk to me on a weekly basis I will do some highlights that you may not know and if you do then smile politely and nod your head. 

1. We bought our house that we have lived in for the past two and half years. It was anti- climactic after all the drama we went through with it.  But we are very happy and love it. 

2. We traded in the trusty lipstick red Pontiac Vibe that the Hubster was driving for the ubiquitous GMC Acadia. 

3.  I still have not officially been declared a princess, BUT  I have trained the youngest to say the following, "Mommy, you are beautiful, Mommy you are a princess".     He gets what he wants, I get what I want.  It is a win-win... stop Judging.

4.  I am already bored with writing the recap.......  so as they say Live for Tomorrow and stuff.


New Year -- New You,  that is what my friend's daughter keeps saying.   I have been thinking a lot about the clean slate business and every year I want to change the same things about myself.  Literally .... every. year.  Lose weight, be more organized, better with money.    Boring.    I do still want that and will never stop trying to be a better person but I am not going to fixate on them, instead 2014 is going to be about choosing joy.

Choosing to be happy and to experience new things.  Learn something.  For example, I would like to learn how to play my new light blue Ukelele and to knit.   I would like to go to more concerts and to travel someplace I have never been.  Take a writing class and a photography class.  Run another half marathon and participate in an adventure course like the Mudderella.    Be in a community play and finish a writing a novel.  

Last but not least,  to write more in this blog.  Because lets face it, I know you missed me. 

Phew, I have a lot to do this year. But first...... I need to have another cup of coffee and Crush some candy. 

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