Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Box Moved

The box system on most forms is completely rude.   This is a realization that just occurred to me as my box moved yesterday.  I am no longer the 29-34 box.  I have to skip that gorgeous little box and check the 35-40 box.   

(Were you thinking that this post was going to be a bit more exciting?  Good, then you shall remain my friend. )

My 35th birthday was yesterday and I am strangely doing pretty well even though I have recently turned 29 5X in a row.  This year is different. This year I feel acceptance and a powerful sense of pride.  If you watch the news or have a vague understanding of what goes on in this world than you can also understand that each birthday is a gift.  I put on my big girl pants this year and have decided to suck it up and celebrate each year.       A person can learn a lot in 35 years of life and I am sure if I am lucky enough to live another 35 I will learn so much more. 

Lessons Learned-- 

On FamilIt is not always about blood.  Family is about love and acceptance.  If you have this, you are a family.
 Forgive your family.  Even if it is forgiving the same person over and over. 
There are a few people that can make me lose my mind/temper and jump over the edge.  I am related to them all and gave birth to two of them.
 No matter how old you are sometimes you just want your mommy or daddy.

On Love

1.  It is not supposed to hard. It should be easy to fall in love.  Staying that way takes work.  Sometimes the work is fun ;)  Sometimes not so much.
2. You cannot make someone love you.  (I tried and it did not work)
3. Real love includes sharing the bathroom when you both have food poisoning and still thinking that the other person is cute.

On Parenting

It is unpredictable and you will never know the right answer.
You will end up watching more cartoons than your kids.
Kids need to eat EVERYDAY. 
Sleep is a commodity.
Kids are hilarious.
Fruit snacks will make them stop crying.  They are like crack to kids.
One day their jeans fit.  Next day.... flood warning.
Hardest and best job I have ever had.

On Food

Bacon makes it better.
Fat and butter makes it better.
Recipes are not mere suggestions.
Even if you follow a recipe, the quality of the food is not guaranteed if I am the chef.

Manners are important.  Use them.
Dance in the car, at work, and with your kids.
Smiling is my favorite.
Gel nail polish has changed my life.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle.


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