Friday, November 16, 2012

Skin Deep--- A Journey to a Zit free life

 On Tuesday night I posted a status on facebook that was not positive or funny.  It was a desperate plea for help in my quest for a good product for my nasty skin.   I think it is morally wrong to post serious stuff on facebook so you can see how desperate I am. 

Turns out I am not alone in my plight and there are a lot of other women in their *ahem* thirties that suffer the same battle with acne.    I was given a ton of information and various ways to hopefully deal with the situation once and for all, because in all honesty it is affecting my very healthy dose of insecurity.    It is actually painful as well but really I just want to look good and not be embarrassed of my face all.the.time. 

I wanted to get writing again so in an effort to tackle both of these issues I am going to try out the suggestions that all my lovely facebook sisters gave me and then share my results, experiences, and recommendations here on this amaze balls blog.   

I am slowly trying to cut out dairy as my friend Talia has been telling me about for at least a year.   I do not drink huge glasses of milk so I thought this would be a easy fix.  Um yeah... not so much I eat a lot more dairy than I thought.  You are welcome Cows.    Cheese is a huge part of my life and I just love it so much so I will go slowly and wean myself one string cheese at a time. 

Coffee.  I am sorry but it just tastes so much better with flavored creamer.  My kids will tell you that I need my coffee so for the betterment of society and the physical health of my children, I will still drink it and slowly start removing the creamer from my life.   Eventually I will be drinking it black and you know what they say..... once you go without creamer you never go back.      What did you think I was going to say?  I am pretty sure you guys are A**holes.  Rude.   

Anyway, back to me.     My skin journey has begun.   So slowly cutting back on dairy.  *Talia if this does not work you are dead to me*       (I did not know I felt so strongly about this)     Trying a new birth control method.   Out with the Mirena in with the pill.  I know this is TMI, but seriously once you have a person come out of your body in a room full of strangers all modesty is pretty much shot.  Okay, let's be honest I was barely modest before the boys.     

The first product I am trying is the soap from the Oregon Soap Shoppe.    Kelly and I met in Oregon for a coffee (I had them use soy) and a trip to the store.   I really like it.  It smelled good and I was given a lot of information from the guy that worked there, I think his wife makes the soap.   Anyway, it is called Secret Weapon.   They were actually out of the soap itself, but it is made by mixing two soaps "Cleopatra's Secret"  with their "Tea Tree Soap" .  He cut those bars in half and instructed me to use those together.    I was provided with a small travel size soap of the Secret Weapon he found in the back so I am using that up first.  

He told me to rub the soap on a washcloth and then rub it on my face  and neck in small circles for a couple of minutes.  Then rinse the washcloth and do it again.  It is supposed to take approximately 8 minutes.  Then use nothing else.  I was skeptical because I dry out really easy and really need to moisturize.  So far so good though.  It feels tight but not too dry. 

One of the most important things he said to me was to NEVER touch my face.  He was dead serious when he told me to look into the mirror twice a day and say to myself, "I will not touch my face, I will not touch my face."   This is something that my husband has been telling me for years.  I am a face picker.  There, I admit it.    Sometimes I do not even know I am doing it and sometimes I could be in front of a mirror for hours and consciously go to town.    But this has to end.    I must stop the madness and stop rubbing the bacteria into my face.  That just sounds so gross. 

So that is the first thing I am trying.  I will update you on the progress and any changes I make to the routine. I am going to try a different regime until I find something that works.  If this works then....well never mind I will just post pictures of how awesome my skin looks.   

Until then keep your hands off your face and keep praying that I will write to you more often. 

Shoot I just itched my eyebrow.    DAMMM ITTT!!!    "I will not touch my face.  I will not touch my face"

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  1. Ohhhh do I know this pain. First of all, I have a serious dairy allergy so I did cut that out but the biggest culprit in my quest for good skin is sugar. I have seen hands-down that when I cut out sugar, I am like a greek goddess (skin-wise, I still have cellulite)...and when I am eating sugar, I am sure to be broken out.

    For me, it's definitely more internal than external. :( boo. I love sugar.