Friday, September 28, 2012

Random stuff I made.....

I just wanted to put up a quick blog post to show you all that I still care so in an effort to make it quick I am going to post some of my projects that I have completed!  Get ready to be amazed.....

Mixed Media--  Canvas, Scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and some embellishments.
This hangs in Jacob's room.... Just kidding :)  

This little number is also paint, scrapbook paper, and mod podge.
The quote is by Christopher Robin of Winne the Pooh.
My mom and I always think Jacob reminds us of Christopher Robin and growing up is scary and inspiration from mom should be there even when I can't be.

My first try at mixed media.  I did this a long time ago and it hangs in my craft room.

Confession:  I have an addiction to spray paint.  This was an old book case that I had since I was in high school.  Chris wanted to throw it out and I of course "re-purposed" it and spray painted it pink and grey.  My mom recently had to tell me that I could borrow some of her outdoor decor but made me promise not to spray paint them

This was black iron....... then  I got a hold of it!!! 

Canvas, paint, and painted wooden letters..  Boys Bath Room.
I made this a long time ago for Jacob, but then I did the boy's bathroom in the Alphabet so it just happened to work for my vision.  *I just laughed at myself*  Who says, My Vision?

I painted these and ideally would have liked to hang their towels on the hooks.  Turns out they are not strong enough because I used that Velcro 3M stuff.  It is cute though!

I had 8 little chairs that were that old school uniform folding chair tan. I spray painted them all different colors and then did the back rest in chalk board paint. Very cute.

I made this guy too.....   I won't go into how he was made.....that would be TMI and gross.  However, It do not involve spray paint or mod podge. 

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