Monday, August 27, 2012

Slumber Party Fun

My favorite people are people who do not take themselves too seriously.  Most likely because in my profession we have to be serious all.the.time and because I am a bit on the ridiculous side.     I also am a bit of a girly girl and love to dance, dress up, and do crafts.  These are some of the many things I have in common with little girls.   Four to be exact.    So in desperate need for some "girl" time, I had a slumber party with four of my favorite girls in the world.  

We tie dyed shirts.

We watched The Lorax

Scooter and Stacy stopped over with Kazmyn and I got to meet my newest niece Zadie Jo.  She made my womb wiggle.  I am in LOVE!!!

Zadie and Mommy
We tried to take a picture of all the cousins... keep in mind that before Christmas there will be three more babies!!!!  

Are we shocked that the three boys are silly?  Me either, and it cracks me up. 
Also we offered $$ to the others for staying still and the little boys do not care about money.  Yet.
We had pizza, popcorn, and candy.     Oh.... and we put on a performance.   The girls and I.   We put on a little bit of make up and I stressed that "less is more".  I said you don't want to look like a harlot  and of course they asked what is a harlot?  I said.. someone who wears too much make up.  Sometimes I forget that they are so little.   My costume was picked out by Ella and the others gave their approval.  The girls each brought their dance wear and we practiced and worked and it all came together!!!    Each girl had a chance in the spot light and the back up dancers were supposed to do what the lead performed.  It was an absolute blast.    I bet you wish you were here to watch it. 


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