Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did you miss me?

Remember when you were little and the things your parents said seemed so weird and annoying?  You told yourself that you would NEVER. EVER. say that to you kid.      I know I did that a lot.  Of course now that I am a mother of a two year old boy and a 7 year old boy..... well lets just say not only do I say it.... but I mean it too.    One thing I have heard myself say is that I am about to go over the edge.   The edge of what?  who the heck knows but both my mom and I seem to spend a lot of time right there on the EDGE.      I must confess, I may have actually been over there the edge and it is not pretty.    Little people do that to you right?  Can I get an Ah men?  No seriously I need to know that I am not the only one that loses her temper and then feels like the worst mom in history for not using her patience and quiet voice to calmly explain why we cannot keep the patio door open when it is 108 degrees out.  

 But anyway we have covered all that before we all know I have a lot of heart in the game, but still need practice.  

It has been awhile since I have written on the blog.  I am sorry my six loyal followers please forgive me.  The fact that my last blog post was Jacob's last day of school for the summer is not lost on me, I see the connection.    In an effort to catch you all up here is a long, awesome, rundown of what you have missed.

Chris and I ran our first half-marathon.  The run was interesting.  We arrived too late to warm up and I had to use the bathroom.  The line was so long the race started while I was in line.  I decided to "screw it", although I am sure I said something else more egregious in my head, and took off for the race.  There were bathrooms along the route and I stopped off at the first one I saw.  Chris and I were separated and he was way ahead of me until about mile 10 where I caught up to him.   I lost him for awhile because he had to go find a bathroom too.  That is where the wall hit.  It was fun up until mile 10.   The last three miles I struggled but made it to the finish without walking and within 2:14.  It was a cool achievement.    We ran a couple more 5K's this summer and plan to focus on those for awhile. 

After the marathon

The summer was fast and furiously hot, but we managed to have fun.  I am experiencing writers block so I will just go down a quick run through via pictures.

 and I decorated Grady's door
Grady's Birthday
He cried because of the singing and the candle.
or as I like to call this picture
"Before Cake"

"After Cake"

 Ghetto Water Slide on a random hot day.
Stop judging you know you are jealous.

 Are you thinking that this highlight reel is boring?  Me too.   I have a couple of posts up my sleeve that will be much better.  Promises.  I needed to break back into writing so consider this post just a little practice of what is yet to come. 

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