Friday, June 8, 2012

Schools out for summer!!!

As of 1:00 today I will have a first grader.  I kinda feel like crying and puking all at the same time.  This year has been really fun and Mr. Jiggs has grown so much.  I cannot believe how much they teach these children at such a young age.  If you put a Kindergarten me against a Kindergarten Jacob, I am certain he would be much more advanced.  He can pretty much read, do basic math, and work a computer.  They seriously teach them word processing! 

First Day of Kindergarten

We moved to Byron because of the school and the sweet neighborhoods with affordable homes. We are not disappointed.    I have been blown away by the amazing staff associated with Byron.  From the all school art show to the kindergarten end of the year musical celebration....  I have been blown away.  

Art Fair

Even the bus company is amazing and truly care about each child.   When I work at home I put the garage door up so when Jacob is dropped off by the bus after school he can just walk in when he gets here.  Well I happened to be on a call for work and did not notice the time so I forgot to put to door up.  He walked around back and came in through the deck.  About 10 minutes later the phone rings and it was the bus company making sure I was home because it made the driver nervous that the garage door was not open.   They wanted to double check that my child was safe.  Money cannot buy that kind of care.  That is just true humanity keeping track of the future. 

I love living here and cannot wait to get settled into our forever home.  We have had a lot of house drama the past couple of months which have aged both Chris and I like three years.  I won't bore you all with the details because seriously I am so over talking and thinking about it.   One thing we agree on is that we are not leaving Byron.  It is worth me commuting to have our children live in this community.  It is worth it because on any random week night I can find myself judging races in my front yard or handing out 15 freeze pops to all the kids.    I can be certain that when I hear a knock at the door it is most likely going to be Owen or Carson asking Jake to play.  I can also be certain that they will be back and forth between our houses at least 10 times and switch who is riding whose bike at least that many times.    I love that Jacob's baseball team is coached by our friends and that the games are fun because I get to watch my child and the children of my friends all while catching up.  In between cheering each other's child on we can giggle and plan our next fun party or just relax knowing we all have each other's back.

This is going to be a fun summer.  I am looking forward to impromptu cookouts and swim parties.  Catching fireflies and two birthday parties for my boys.  Going on the boat with my family.  Seeing Mumford and Sons in my hometown and going to fun concerts.   Bring. It. On.    Mama needs to practice what she preaches...  sit back, relax and let the pretty world happen because schools out for summer!!!! 

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