Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cool, Baby, Mama, Squirell !!!

I bent down to put something away in my China cabinet and as I was standing back up my eye caught a glimpse of something that made me scream, "OH MY GOD" and then start laughing hysterically.    This is what I saw. 

This caused quite the raucous and of course Jiggy came running to see what happened.    When I showed him what made me exclaim and laugh he was not amused and a little confused.  
You see I had been, "Squirrelled".    Not knowing the importance of this event, he went back to his hotwheels. 

I was so excited because I had not seen the crazy dude for a couple of years.  The Squirrel attack is best done by surprise and when you are least expecting it so the attackers were biding their time and patiently waiting to strike!      Not sure what the heck I am talking about????  

Well let me start from the beginning.................................

When Chris and I bought our first house in Rockford, aka the bain of our existence, my Dad and Sue would come up and work on it and stay there overnight etc.  They called it camping at Katy's.  The previous owners left behind this ugly beaten up squirrel.   It became a game to move the squirrel all around the house and surprise each other with where it would end up.    The game evolved and for the last 8 years,  the four of us would randomly leave the squirrel at each other's house.   

Poor Dude has no nose.
Once I put it under my Dad's pillow and then in his glove box.   I found him in our cabinets and other random spots and once I think they mailed him to us.  He has traveled back and forth to Rockford, Dixon, Kansas City, and Byron.  

It had been so long since I last saw the squirrel that I had forgotten who had it and wondered if I lost it in one of our many moves.   I should have know that they had it all along, patiently waiting to Squirrel us when we least expected it! 

What I love about this game is that it is unspoken, organic, and not planned.  It just sort of happened and grew.   I also love it because it is something that is just ours, just between the four of us.   A small little way to say, I love you, I am thinking of you, and by the way........ "You just got SQUIRRELED"

On a side note----- when I was in my early 20's, I used to say " Cool, Baby, Mama, Squirrel! "  I was friends with a guy named Ryan and to this day when I randomly see him out and about we will say it to each other and laugh.    Why?  I honestly have no idea why or how we started saying it.  Like I said, early twenties.

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