Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lists. Lists. Leap Year Lists.

I love a nice list.... I list out everything.  If you go through my desk at work you will find a multitude of lists.  To do at work, to do at home, grocery lists, lists of bills to pay, blog ideas, things to buy, things to do, outfits, menus, activities for Jacob and on and on.    Because of my love affair with making lists the husband and I each wrote out Top 10 reasons we were marrying each other.  It was read at our wedding and is framed with all of our guests signatures.   I think the list I wrote is funnier than his, but he thinks he is funnier.  The problem is a lot of them are inside jokes so maybe we both are nuts.

In honor of my list loving is a quick list of stuff that brought me joy this past weekend.

1. My son reading Dr. Seuss to me.  Resting my cheek on his musty little boy head as we snuggled in his bed listening to him read to me was by far one of my favorite moments of this weekend.  It may have a place in my heart and soul for quite sometime.  As a life long bookworm, sharing my passion with him and being present with him while he reads is truly a gift.

2. Shopping at the outlet mall and having a fun sleepover with some of my friends that I do not get to see nearly enough.  I am going to dedicate an entire post to that fun day. 

3.  The Oscars!!!  If there is any event that produces any more glitter and shine, please let me know!!  I love the dresses and Chris is a huge movie guy.  He goes to the movies all the time and does movie reviews on a television station.  Needless to say we look forward to the Academy Awards.    This year I decided to bring a little glitz and glam to the Barber house. Chris went to pick up the pizza and when he left I had on my PJs, no make up, and crazy hair.  The kids were both in comfy clothes as well, but when he walked in the door from getting dinner this is what he saw...

 That is right... Oscar Party.  I was not planning on having the boys dress up, but when Jake saw what I was doing he said he wanted to get dressed up with me.  It was surprising and fun to have someone be silly with me and get dressed up to eat pizza.   When Chris walked in the door the look on his face was hilarious and totally worth the makeup.   You will be shocked to know that Jacob and I are not actually holding a real Oscar *although I totally deserve one for some of the performances I have put on*  It is Jacob's soccer trophy. 

4.  Today I am pleased that the weather is so warm.  Last Friday I took the boys sledding and today we may go for a walk outside.  Gotta love the Midwest.

5.  I scored big at Hobby Lobby!  Ribbon and Tulle 50% off, Glass items 50% off.   The stuff I bought to decorate for the baby shower is all so cute.    I can barely stand it. 

6. Rocking it out on the treadmill and running for 75 minutes and not stopping.  I am going to own that half-marathon. 

7. Grady for some reason keeps flashing me his belly and then cracks up. He also shakes his bumper and gets down with his bad self all the time.   But who does not love a baby in sunglasses?  Really?  Not much cuter. A person has to be dead inside if these pictures do not make you smile.

Happy Leap Year!!!  Peace.


  1. Well my love, mission accomplished! Half peed my pants reading this! LOL!

    Love you! XOXO

  2. You're awesome Kate.But who were you wearing at The Oscar Party?