Monday, February 20, 2012

Future President of the United States?

It is President's Day and because I am lucky enough to work for the United States, I have the day off.   I had planned on a Mommy and Grady day.  ( He is my youngest -- 20 months)  We had a day alright.  Poor guy has had a fever for two days.

This is what Grady looked like today :(

This is what he usually looks like :)

 Our fun day turned into a relaxing day with plenty of snot kisses, snuggles, and when he started to feel better a tad bit of "re-direction".  That is my nice way of saying I made him stop messing with the TV, video games, anything electric or breakable.    Grady took a nice long nap so I had time to run, watch a movie, and finish the laundry.  Man do I know how to live!

When Jacob came home from school we talked about who his favorite President was and he told me it was George Washington.  Not a bad choice for a Kindergarten kid.  The problem was he started asking me about other who was the sixth president?  Ummm Yeah,  I did not know I needed to study for conversations with my six year old.  Thank goodness for Google.  We looked them all up and read them all.  How did people parent without the internet?  I am pretty sure my mom either made stuff up or told me to look it up as a way to teach me to find the answers myself.

Just because I know you are all dying to know what Jacob looks like here he is, I make super cute kids if I do say so myself.
We actually got into a pretty interesting coversation about George Washington and he even asked me a follow up question about the Constitutional Convention.  I reached far back into my memory reserves, thanked God I watched a little bit of the mini-series The Story of Us and explained away.   In the spirit of President's Day, I cannot tell a lie!  I may have made some stuff up, but I think I was pretty close to all the important parts.   The sad part is that I could have gotten really intellectual and given much more detail if he had asked me about the Hunger Games books or what I thought about Finn and Rachel on Glee.   I think I covered well and his limited attention was back to something much more interesting before I finished my re- telling of the Civil War.   I glossed over some important decades I am sure.  Maybe I SHOULD study to talk to my kids.   Jacob's interest really had me excited.  The daydreams that were going on in my head included the National Anthem being sung by me while my son was being sworn in as the President of the United States of America.

Will either one or both or them be the future President of the United States, I really do not know BUT  if they ask me I will tell them ABSOLUTELY.

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