Sunday, February 19, 2012

I work out..

Today I did something that made it to the top 3 hardest things I have done.  You know when it is so hard that you have to have a constant pep talk stream in your head?  It goes something like this... " You got this Katy" "You can do it", "Don't stop now, you have done so much", "I think I am going to die", "This is ridiculous", " Why am I doing this?",  "Stop. It. You. Can. Do. It".   Before today I distinctly remember having this thought stream two other times.... while studying and taking the bar exam and giving birth to my first son Jacob. 

This afternoon I ran for 70 minutes on the treadmill or six miles.  This is not a huge deal for many many people. For me it is a huge deal.   I am not what people refer to as athletic.   I am the smart girl.  The dramatic girl.  Not the athletic one.  My brother is super athletic.  He won a Marathon last spring.  It was his second one EVER!!  (Who the heck wins a marathon???)  Anyway, he is a personal trainer and an avid runner.  My husband and I are in a fitness craze and want to run a half marathon so my brother made us a training plan.  Today was a long run.... a super long run.   I made it and it made me proud of myself.  I really want to finish the half-marathon with my husband and then maybe I can be the athletic girl. 

Who am I kidding, I mostly just want to be the hot lawyer mom and running burns a grip of calories. 

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